Wendy Massey

Holistic Nutrition Specialist

inspiring men and women to become the healthiest possible version of themselves

Hi, I’m Wendy! There is not a health condition I haven’t been able to improve yet with nutrition. I hope you’ll let me help you improve your health so that you TOO can carry out your purpose in this life!

My Story

My name is Wendy Massey, and I was once a very well-decorated Emergency and Trauma Registered Nurse for nearly two decades. In fact, I was (at the time) one of less than 1500 Emergency and Trauma Nurses in the country who were awarded BOTH of the prestigious Certified Emergency Nurse (CEN) and Certified Pediatric Emergency Nurse (CPEN) certifications, and maintained all of the advanced life support & trauma certifications throughout my career.

Then one day, I was no longer just an “all in” Emergency Nurse… I was the mom of a very sick young adult male. My son, at 18 years old, became a Type 1 Diabetic, and then began having an additional gastrointestinal disorder about 6 months later that we fought for 9 months to get answers as to what was causing his illness. We were in and out of specialist appointments where they kept prescribing more and more pills and ordering more and more tests, and my previously very healthy six foot tall son – meanwhile – had dropped to 118 pounds and NOTHING was improving. In fact, he was getting sicker and sicker.

Well, the day we left Johns Hopkins after visiting who I was told was the top pediatric gastroenterologist this side of the Mississippi, and all he did was prescribe my son an antidepressant – I WAS DONE. I knew my kid! I’m not saying he wasn’t getting depressed with his poor health at such a young age – understandably so – but I felt that was putting a bandaid on an underlying issue that NO ONE was figuring out!

A couple weeks earlier it dawned on me that NOT ONE of these specialists had asked me what my kid was eating! NOT ONE! It’s a GI issue and no one thought diet could be a factor?! So I had begun researching on my own, all kinds of different foods and symptoms, and I felt prepared to test some things on him myself. When we were leaving Hopkins that day, because nothing was working at this point, I asked Matthew “are you ready to take this on ourselves?” And he broke my heart with his response “Momma, I’ll do ANYTHING to feel better!” And he meant it.

I spent the next 6 weeks doing a full elimination diet with him and slowly adding back potential trigger foods. We quickly discovered that gluten was making him very sick, and he had mild reactions to multiple other foods, but none like gluten. I want you to know that in 6 weeks time, we had gotten my son off of all of his meds he’d been prescribed over that 9 month period, with the exception of his insulin, which he will be on forever. ALSO he had regained enough energy and strength to run a 10k after just 6 weeks of his new clean food lifestyle. I WAS MINDBLOWN, and realized suddenly that the world did not know how much control they could have over their own health with food, and that most doctors weren’t educated in nutrition enough to bring that into their evaluations. I had to make a difference!

This lit a fire under me to go back to school and obtain my bachelors in Holistic Health Sciences with my focus on Holistic Nutrition, and am now currently pursuing my PhD in Integrative Medicine with the same focus. I anticipate completing my doctorate around the spring of 2024.

Since heading down this path, I have first worked with countless family members to improve their health – my sister misdiagnosed with fibromyalgia, my husband with rheumatoid arthritis, and several others. I also have now worked with hundreds of clients since the inception of Massey Wellness, and I can say with 100% certainty that EVERY SINGLE CLIENT who has put my recommendations and processes in place has improved their health and changed their lives. This is no exaggeration.

Mission Statement

It is our mission to inspire and educate men and women to become the healthiest possible version of themselves, so that they have the mental and physical ability and healthy freedom to realize and carry out their purpose on this earth.


My program has helped folks improve and reduce or eliminate the need for meds controlling blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, thyroid disorders, chronic gastrointestinal disorders like IBS, GERD, chronic colitis, etc, chronic pain and migraines, seizure disorders, chronic asthma, rheumatoid and psoriatic arthritis, chronic acne & eczema, inflammatory conditions, sleep apnea, and so much more! Plus they ALL have improved energy, and the weight loss they have had is a beautiful added bonus! I’ve helped folks who have no weight to lose, and others lose over 100 pounds. And, it is important to note that I do all of this with REAL FOOD. Food you have access to in your grocery store, farmers market, or maybe an occasional Amazon purchase. THERE ARE NO GIMMICKS that I will ever recommend (i.e. diet pills, shakes, powders, bars, etc). I make it my mission to teach you how those expensive additional products that people are trying to sell you are TOTALLY unnecessary, and oftentimes detrimental to your health.

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