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Do I have to give up alcohol?

Great question! Nope! I do recommend you abstain from it until we get past your trigger food testing, so your liver isn’t working on anything but food metabolism and detoxing from chemicals. This is usually the first 5 weeks of the program. After that, I teach you healthy alcohol options, so that when you want the occasional drink, you know which ones are your healthiest options. Now, if you’re going on vacation in the first 5 weeks, and know alcohol will be a factor, I can adjust your trigger food testing schedule – just keep in mind that the longer we take to determine your trigger foods, the longer it will be until we can unlock all of your food options. For vacation? Absolutely worth it. For a random Wednesday night that you just feel like having a few drinks? Might not be worth it.

Do I have to give up coffee/tea?

Not at all! I’m a daily coffee drinker! I just teach you how to make it healthier, if you don’t like it black.


Are you going to sell me on a supplement or health food product?

ABSOLUTELY NOT! One thing I absolutely pride myself on, is that I teach you how to eat whole foods in such a way that minimal supplementation is necessary. Most of those supplements, shakes, bars, powders, etc aren’t even clean/natural, and I would never encourage them. The only supplements you will ever hear me recommend are a good pre/probiotic always, vitamins c, zinc & elderberry during high viral seasons, vitamin D in the winter – and perhaps situationally some others, but I absolutely have no ties or affiliations with any health promising MLM companies, and have yet to see one that I would endorse based on the ingredients of their products OR the fact that most “coronate” health coaches just by them paying into a program with zero knowledge of health. If you couldn’t tell by my answer, I’m kinda passionate about this topic.

Will you come into my kitchen and teach me how to cook or meal prep?

In our “LT Plus” program, I do come into your kitchen for one full day and meal prep with you, as long as you’re in the United States! The night before we go to your local grocery store together, and you purchase what we’ll need for our prep day, and then we’ll go through all of my meal prep strategies right there in your kitchen! In the standard program, I do not do hands on training, but have video lessons explaining my meal prep strategies.


What happens after the 16 Week program is over?

My goal is for you to feel ready to take on your new lifestyle with all of the tools I’ll be providing in 16 weeks; but, I did develop a Phase Two program (or what I lovingly call “Phase You”) at the request of my clients who wanted the continued meal plans for inspiration, accountability, coaching, group meetings and support. Phase “You” requires either a 6 month or 12 month commitment, should you decide to continue in that program, but it is completely optional, and once you are a 16 week graduate, you can start Phase “You” anytime! I also have semi-annual in person programs celebrating those in Phase Two and an “Accountability Partner” program in which Phase Two folks can be compensated for being an additional accountability partner to their friends who they have encouraged to join the 16 Week Lifestyle Transformation Program.

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