The face your child makes when he gets a piece of chocolate cake. ☺️

Parenting is hard.

Teaching your children good health is even harder when there is so much awful stuff marketed to our kids that start them off young with horrible nutrition habits.
I can tell you, when we were in complete control of what he ate, this is the same kid who turned his nose up at the first bite of cotton candy his Uncle Bill got him at an Orioles game & he asked me for blueberries. What a proud moment! 🥰
But now he’s bigger and in school and there are more people influencing what he eats than us.
So all we can do is teach him & feed him well here!
I hear it all the time “I’m going to have to fix two meals because my kids won’t eat healthy”!

You what?

Kids tend to have the same thoughts of healthy food that you have! Have you given them the belief that healthy = gross? They learn from you!
Healthy doesn’t equal gross! Learn new ways of cooking! Learn new ingredients & you’ll find this chocolate cake that is completely gluten free, uses all whole foods, with a base of sweet potatoes beats the crap outta the taste of the chemical filled no nutrient Duncan Hines or Betty Crocker! (Recipe in the comments)

And it’s a treat! It’s not an every day thing! Fruit is our every day sweet treat!
So change your mindset on eating healthy. Start with you.

YOU MAY NOT BE KNOWINGLY feeding your kids garbage! The marketing lies in the grocery stores are horrible! I wish I knew when I was raising my 28 & 30 year olds what I do now!

If you think healthy is gross, you aren’t doing it right! My family, clients and I DO NOT SUFFER!

And after you fix you… don’t act like your kids are little terrorists who control your home! Teach them to love healthy foods! They don’t buy the groceries! You do!

One of our “rules” that kids love…. Give them a shelf in the fridge with produce & healthy non-processed snacks! They can open the fridge anytime they want & help themselves to anything on that shelf! They don’t have to ask… it’s a free for all!

Give them that autonomy! They love it! And they aren’t going to overdo it on fruit, veggies, trail mix & sunflower seed butter like they would on a bag of cookies or potato chips. And it’ll satisfy their hunger because they are eating nutrient rich foods!

It won’t happen overnight…. But YOU can make this happen!
And let them eat cake! 🎉🎂