I’m putting myself at a risk of being unpopular or being unfriended… it’s ok; I’m willing to step on toes and take this risk.
But this morning I just woke up with so much heaviness on my heart about something I’m super passionate about.
This morning, I’m not talking to y’all who don’t give two licks about your health. You don’t care what I have to say…. YET…. And that’s fine.

Today, I’m talking to the young mom who thinks she’s feeding her kids healthy, or at least has a desire to.
I’m talking to the middle aged person who has yo-yo dieted their way into a crappy metabolism and can’t understand why nothing works.

To the aging couple trying their best to pick foods to help manage their slew of prescriptions they’ve been given for blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol, GERD, chronic pain, migraines & thyroid disorders.

Today I’m mad at how the almighty dollar means more than our health…. Our lives…. And the constant deception!
It is no wonder we are so darn confused!! AND MORE UNHEALTHY THAN EVER!

Whole sections of stores cut out for “health” foods or “organic” aisles… even WHOLE STORES – (I’m looking at you, “Whole Foods”).

Gluten Free, Fat Free, Skim, Low Fat, Sugar Free, organic…. So much noise!

All giving the appearance that someone on the other side of creating that product gives a crap about you being healthy.
Am I saying there is NOTHING healthy on those aisles or in the stores… ABSOLUTELY NOT! But how do you know? They’re so deceptive, it’s sick!

We have a government that allows a whole barrage of marketing lies to be told to us every time we walk in the store… but you know, we have meds to fix all that. 🙄😡
All the while, people are being poisoned with the very “food” they think is helping.

I’m sick of it y’all! I’m mad!

Yes, I get excited when I see lives change in a matter of weeks – or sometimes days – when I can educate folks how to REALLY change their food mindset and REALLY read labels… not numbers… but ingredients.
But why do we have to get there to begin with?

I was watching a documentary about how fast food has changed over the years…. Did you know that in the 80’s, McDonalds French fries were just basically potatoes fried in beef fat? (By the way, they tasted better back then, but I digress.)

Some billionaire who was eating too many daggone French fries had a heart attack (duh)… decided it was the French fries’ fault & forked out money for research to decrease saturated fat in the French fries.
What did they replace that fat with? Chemicals.

Chemicals that were never originally on this earth for human consumption. Chemicals that have caused way more long term health problems than some overindulgent billionaire who ate too many french fries to begin with.

Now… does that mean the fries of the 80’s were healthy? I’m not saying that. But I would RATHER have the *occasional* REAL POTATOES fried in REAL BEEF FAT than the 19 FREAKIN INGREDIENTS THOSE FAST FOOD FRENCH FRIES ARE TODAY & I guarantee you haven’t even heard of 18 of those ingredients ever being found naturally. They were created in a lab to *taste* like French fries and *look* like French fries & often – intentionally – to keep you addicted & unsatisfied & coming back for more.

Y’all… I’m so over it.

I’m on a mission to educate. And some of y’all don’t want to hear it.

That’s fine.

But to those of y’all who will listen… please FIRST believe for a moment that your best advocate for your health is YOU.

It is NOT the packaged food industry.
It is NOT the fast food industry.
It is NOT the supplement industry.
It is NOT the MLMs selling you their health bars, shakes & meal replacements with other added fake garbage ingredients.
It is NOT the fad diet companies (Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Nutrisystem, South Beach, Atkins, Slimfast).
It is NOT the pharmaceutical industry.
It is NOT EVEN your doctor.
It is MOST DEFINITELY NOT the flippin FDA, USDA or any other government agency.

It just isn’t. Sorry.


So when you’re ready to learn… And you’re ready to be angry like me & see through the lies….
I’ll be here.